Annie Aronson studies and performs Hermetic music as a member of the band Hobbyhorse. She will be lecturing on the alchemy of music.

Robert Allen Bartlett - Practicing alchemist, author, chief chemist of Albertus' Paracelsus Research Institute. He is the author of Real Alchemy and Way of the Crucible.

Phil Campbell is a student of alchemy who performs Hermetic music as a member of the band Hobbyhorse. He will be lecturing on the alchemy of music.

Thom Cavalli - Jungian psychologist, writer, artist and teacher. Memmber of Alchemical Guild and the Hermetic Society. Author of Alchemical Psychology: Old Recipes for Living in the New

Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil is a noted biochemist known for identifying a novel anti-cancer compounds from plants. He also is a practicing Vedic alchemist who has written on a wide variety of subjects.

Dr, Kevin Dunn is a professor of chemistry with a passion for the magical aspects of chemistry and alchemy. http://www,

Dr. Bruce Fisher - Hermeticist, spiritual alchemist, and author of over 20 books on alchemy.

John Michael Greer - Hermetic scholar and author of over a dozen books on the Western esoteric tradition. Interview at

Dr. Gudni Gudnason is a world-renown teacher of the Hermetic arts who focuses on the deeper practical applications of the Kabbalah to personal alchemy. Websites: and

Dennis William Hauck - Practicing alchemist and author of numerous books and translations, including The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation, Sorcerer's Stone: A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to 

Art Kunkin is a former student of Frater Albertus and editor of Essentia magazine as well as the L.A. Free Press, Kunkin is an iconoclastic alchemist who believes he has found the Philosopher's Stone. See his new book at  

Dr, René Lawson is a psycholinguicist with a background in chemistry. Her research into alchemical epiphanies in literature and in her conversations with leading researchers is a breakthrough approach to modern alchemy. 

Joshua Madara is a cybernetician-cum-magician and cybrarian who works in Seattle as a software quality assurance engineer.

Jeff McBride – Practicing Hermeticist and world renowned performance Magician and teacher.

Andrew Minkin studied alchemy at the Rose-Croix University and was Publicity Director for the Philosophical Research Society. Andrew has studied in several astrological traditions and has a degree in the History of Religions.

Dr. Mchael Pearce is a British artist whose art is inspired by Hermetic and alchemical themes. His works will be on display in the hall of the conference.

Angela Reidel. A special guest at this year's conference is Anne Reidel, the daughter of Frater Albertus.

Duane Saari - Hermetic researcher and former editor of the Alchemy Journal. See his past issues at

Hans Schimmer - German chemist and president of the Alchemy Guild.

JJ Semple - One of the world's leading teachers on the activation of the alchemical life force hidden within all of us.

Gary Stadler - Alchemical lab equipment developer. Custom glassblower and recording artist. 

Timothy Wilkerson is a former student of Frater Albertus who attended Paracelsus College in Salt Lake City and graduated Prima in 1984.

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We are currently working with alchemists around the world to compile a venue of featured speakers who represent both the practical and spiritual traditions in alchemy.



Annie Aronson

Robert Allen Bartlett

Phil Campbell

Dr. Thom Cavalli

Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil

Dr. Kevin Dunn

Dr. Bruce Fisher

John Michael Greer

Dr. Gudni Gudnason

Dennis William Hauck

Art Kunkin

Dr. René Lawson

Jeff McBride

Abbi McBride

Dr. Michael Pearce

Andrew Minkin

Duane Saari

Hans Schimmer

JJ Semple

Gary Stadler

Timothy Wilkerson

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Manfred Junius passed on March 7, 2004. See Memorial Page.

Hans Nintzel passed on December 3, 2000. See Memorial Page.


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