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The event takes place in the Conference Center on the second-floor of the hotel. Registration is at the reception tables immediately to your left as you enter the meeting area. The bookstore and vendor area is in Hall A; lectures take place in Hall B; and workshops and breakout sessions take place in Hall C. Download 2008 Program







From the Yellow Emperor to Paracelsus, our Hermetic ancestors were fascinated by the hidden connection between the celestial world and alchemy. In this lecture by master astrologer Andrew Minkin, those important yet mysterious energies are discussed with applications on all levels of alchemy. Spiritual alchemists will learn the astrology that inspired Carl Jung's work. Laboratory alchemists will understand the techniques for reading charts. Astrologers will understand the mappings of alchemical processes and astrological signs. Witness and participate in the new research surrounding 21st century astrology. Topics will include astrodiagnosis, vibratory medicine, alchemical signatures, the Seven Rays, and the ruling signs of alchemical processes. Math- free technical details on chart interpretation and astrological theory will give the background necessary to understand the new world of microastrology and fractal analytics. Saturday 2:30 PM. Hall B.





Biochemist and Vedic alchemist Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil reveals the deepest secrets of Indian alchemy in this fascinating presentation. In Vedic alchemy, the essence of the inner work can also be manifested as the external physical transformation the alchemist seeks. The inner and outer work are one and the same. This underlying theme in the Vedic tradition can also be uncovered in nearly all spiritual and Hermetic traditions. Understanding this perennial theme throws light on the truth behind supposedly non-material spiritual experiences, which otherwise are considered as mystic or even superstitious phenomena. This presentation highlights this greater Truth, which is common to both modern science and traditional spiritual disciplines. This new perspective bridges and unites the two opposing cultures of religion and science.  Sunday 9:00 AM. Hall B.





This lecture by practicing alchemist Dennis William Hauck explores the nature of the First Matter of the alchemists. As modern alchemists, we must never assume that the practice of transformation consists only in skill in laboratory procedures or even in the spiritual exercise of the mind, will, and imagination. In fact, no alchemical process -- whether it be in the laboratory, in the body, or in the soul -- can succeed without the presence of a mysterious ingredient known to alchemists as the Materia Prima (First Matter). Nothing was more important to alchemist’s work than this spiritized essence, which, by means of the Secret Fire, they believed could be extracted from any substance and actually rendered tangible and visible. This presentation examines the nature and properties of the First Matter -- how to expose it, how to accumulate it, and how to work with it to accomplish the true regeneration of the substance at hand. Friday 8:30 PM. Hall B.



Robert Allen Bartlett presents a photo collage of working with the Metal Acetates, which includes a Brief History and Theory behind the process. His presentation depicts all the stages of this important work with the metals including  the Preparation, Distillation, and Rectification of the products, as well as an examination of the various products themselves using modern chemical Instrumentation. Robert worked at Paralab as Chief Chemist, and working closely with Frater Albertus, he developed a wide range of mineral and metallic preparations following Western and Eastern alchemical traditions. Saturday 9:00 AM. Hall B.






Alchemist Duane Saari explores Isaac Newton’s fascination with alchemy from the contribution of the principles of the Great Work to his revolutionary work in science. This lecture considers possible answers to the following questions: 1) Why did Newton write over a million words about alchemy throughout his career? 2) Why did he keep this obsession a secret? 3) Was alchemy the source of missing information Newton needed to develop his revolutionary theory of gravity? 4) Did Newton discover the Philosopher’s Stone? The presentation includes a review of several original manuscripts of Newton’s, what historians have learned about his alchemical work, as well as his relationship with Robert Boyle, the “Father of Chemistry,” and their friendly competition to be the first to discover the Stone. Friday 7:00 PM. Hall B.





Using the concept of the emergent Self described in his book Alchemical Psychology, Dr. Thom Cavalli will coordinate alchemical processes with Jungian stages of the individuation process. Specifically, this model demonstrates the correlation between the dark work of the nigredo and achieving the Real Self, the purifying work of the albedo and the Individuated Self, and the sacred work of the rubedo and its result, the Divine Self. In The Ordinal of Alchemy Thomas Norton advised his students, “The mind must be in perfect harmony with the work.” Although written in the 16th century, these words heralded the beginnings of a radically new scientific approach to working with physical matter. Today we witness the prophetic manifestation of Norton’s instruction in the field of quantum physics where consciousness is considered an active agent of change. This principle also extends to the realm of psychology where psyche has a decided effect on behavior and the mind, conscious and unconscious, is the primary catalyst of transformation. In this seminar, we will use the wisdom recipes of the great adepts to outline step-by-step procedures to attune the mind with each stage of the Work. In addition to drawing from the words, images and recipes of great alchemical sages, we will also see how art, poetry and verses from sacred texts further reveal ways to transform the Mind.  The program will include discussion of lucid dreaming, “metallic” meditation, mercurial archetypes and mythic imagination to augment both physical and psychological work in the alchemical laboratory. Sunday 10:30 AM. Hall B.




In this lecture,
Dr. Bruce Fisher explores the magic of Theurgy -- the attainment of divine consciousness by developing and invoking our own higher faculties of abstract thought and intuition --  our own inner god that can then commune with other kindred entities. This was the goal of the spiritual alchemists, and it is the true Hermetic Art. Our human "assignment" is redemption -- that is, the redemption of consciousness from its attachment to matter and form. The achievement of this goal is the true aim of the Great Work. The dictionary definition of the word “theurgy” implies an agency outside of and separate from us; but in reality, the evocation of divine consciousness within ourselves is indeed possible through the application of alchemical principles. Furthermore, this agency is the proper culmination of the Work, and its achievement attracts to us other spiritual entities possessing this consciousness with whom we may communicate. Socrates had his daemon, Jacob Boehme his mysterious visitor, Plotinus his illumination, Edgar Cayce an angelic being, and several alchemists, Elias the Artist. Thomas Vaughan, in his Lumen de Lumine, speaks of the guide “who will offer himself to you, and will meet you in the way (to the Invisible Magical Mountain) but you shall not know him.” The crux of this art and science (and indeed it is both) is that divine consciousness has always existed in us as a potential to be realized, but the connection to it has to be developed and established through the personal efforts of each individual. This process is presented in a practical way by considering the four world levels and seven levels of principles within which we must work. These levels can be seen as a hierarchy of step-down transformers between the Infinite One Life of the Cosmos and the human brain. Saturday 4:00 PM. Hall B.





This live demonstration and lecture by Gary Stadler, working renditions of glassware used by Medieval alchemists as well as modern variations on the equipment will be featured. One of the distillers presented is the famous “Pelican,” which is a circulatory distillation vessel with two side-arms feeding condensed vapors back into the body. It resembles the mythic pelican pecking at its breast to feed its hatchlings with its own blood, and thus is a symbol of the sacrifice the original solution goes through to give up its essence in the experiment. The alchemists believed that compounds could be created in the Pelican that no other apparatus could produce. Also featured will be original distillers designed by Gary for use in essential oil and hydrosol production. His vertical distillers are specifically designed for easy steam extraction of essential oils from plant materials and are extremely popular among practicing alchemists around the world. Saturday 1:00 PM. Hall B.





Practicing alchemist Art Kunkin, former editor of Essentia (the alchemical journal of the Paracelsus Research Society) will first summarize the deceptively simple process for making a Philosopher's Stone for longevity using radioactive minerals that he presented at the 2007 International Alchemy Conference. The second part of this lecture will list specific examples of the internal and psychological alchemical practices he recommends for living a happier life after making and ingesting the Stone (as well as before making it). The central thesis of this lecture is that everything in ordinary life and one's spiritual practice changes if viewed from the perspective of a person who is expecting to live for much more than the normal 70 or 80 years. Some of the inner alchemy processes summarized are from Art's training with Tibetan alchemists (such as Tumo or heat yoga, an ancient biofeedback system to improve the physical body, as well as a Dzogchen Tibetan meditation system that parallels the alchemical laboratory instruction of "Solve et Coagula," separate and re-assemble ).  There will be mention of other practical methods for inner alchemical development based on the new investigations of Neuro-Linguistic Programming into modeling, anchoring, Master-Minding and brain-rewiring. (Art plans to teach two inner alchemy methods for personal development in the more extended time available at his conference breakout session titled "Yogas To Turn Yourself Into Alchemical Gold.") The slides used in this lecture will include some emblems from the 1618 alchemical book, Atalanta Fugiens of Michael Maier, modern medical illustrations of the nervous system and brain, and a brain frequency chart that illustrates what, in Art's opinion, inner spiritual alchemy proposes to accomplish. Download the featured cover article of the June 2008 Fortean Times "The Last Alchemist: Has the King of the Hippies Discovered the Secret of Everlasting Life?" Sunday 1:00 PM. Hall B.




This lecture by renowned Hermeticist and author John Michael Greer presents a groundbreaking re-interpretation of the ancient four-element Galenic healing system. Few people realize that the Western world once had its own equivalent of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine -- a holistic art of bodymind healing that used the Four Elements as fundamental principles. Abandoned at the time of the scientific revolution, Galenic medicine remains a potent and viable system for healing and health maintenance today, and provides the theoretical underpinnings for spagyrics and other alchemical healing arts. This lecture will cover the basic theory and practice of elemental healing, and give attendees the tools needed to apply Galenic healing methods in their own lives and alchemical work.that used to be the standard medical practice in the Western world. The system has its basis in alchemy, and a knowledge of it makes it a lot easier for modern practitioners to effectively use spagyric healing (as well as other alchemical healing modalities). Saturday 7:00 PM. Hall B.



In his masterwork on the alchemical life force hidden in the body, Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, Gopi Krishna summoned us to commence a search for “knowledge of the safest methods for awakening Kundalini” that would, “yield for humanity a periodic golden crop of towering spiritual and mental prodigies.” Since those words were written, how has the search for the “safest methods” progressed? In this lecture/presentation, JJ Semple presents his candidate for the safest method – the Golden Flower Meditation or Circulation of the Light. The ancient method of Taoist alchemy is one of the most powerful methods available for personal change. It’s a method Semple rediscovered over thirty years ago through trial and error experimentation with the text The Secret of the Golden Flower. In this lecture, he presents a method of working with the circulation of light he discussed with Gopi Krishna in 1977 and recently chronicled in his book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. Sunday 2:30 PM. Hall B. 


Gudni Gudnason presents the hidden alchemy of the Kabbalah in this dramatic presentation. One of the secret books of the Bible that was declined by Emperor Constantine was the Sepher Yetzirah (The Book of Formation - how the world was really created). To kabbalists, this is a major work of knowledge that shows the alchemical creation of the universe and proves that the beginning is formed by the three mothers of life: Numbers, Letters and Sounds. Gudni will show the secret details of the book and then have the participants do practical work with the hidden creational powers of the Ensofic Ray or the first vibration of creation! Saturday 8:30 PM. Hall B.




This workshop shows you how to do a basic astrology chart in relation to alchemical laboratory work. Astrology not only gives us indications for the best time to start an experiment, but which lab
processes will complete more successfully and efficiently, in a given time frame. This workshop is presented by Timothy Wilkerson, who attended Paracelsus Research College in 1984 and was instructed by Frater Albertus. Saturday 10:30 AM. Hall B.







Dennis William Hauck will offer an intensive workshop on the techniques and goals of spiritual alchemy. The workshop focuses on genuine methods practiced by Egyptian and medieval alchemists -- ancient methods of transformation that you can apply to your own life and work. Learn to work in the Inner Fire with the metals within to change your personal “temperament” from lead to gold. Enter the sacred space of the inner laboratory to create the Philosopher’s Stone, an incorruptible state of consciousness the alchemists used to explore and work on different levels of reality. This experiential, multimedia workshop includes demonstrations of actual spiritual labware and free symbolic tools to take home. The three-hour workshop will be held in two parts in a private room with seating limited to 50 people. Sign up for Spiritual Alchemy Workshop. Saturday 6:00-7:30 PM and Sunday 11:30 AM-1:00 PM. Hall C.





During the conference, formal instruction in basic and advanced techniques of spagyrics will be offered by Robert Allen Bartlett, chief chemist at the Paracelsus Research Institute. Spagyrics (spa-gîr-iks) is a Greek word meaning to separate and recombine. Spagyrics was the basis of Paracelsus’ work, and he is often considered its father. The spagyric process is a three-fold process of separation, purification, and cohobation (reunion of the purified parts). During the process, the essences of the substance are exposed and reborn under planetary influences. The spagyric product is considered to be at a higher level of potency able to effect not only the physical body but also the underlying or spiritual cause of disease. The three-hour workshop will be held in two parts in a private room with seating limited to 50 people. Sign Up for Practical Alchemy Workshop. Saturday 8:00-9:30 PM and Sunday 1:30-3:00 PM. Hall C





During the conference there will independent workshops, discussion groups, and personal consultations on a variety of topics of interest to attendees. Sessions are open to all attendees at no extra charge, however seating is limited, and you must register in advance by emailing your name and desired session(s) to info@alchemyconference.com or in person at the conference. Breakout Sessions take place in Hall C during regularly scheduled lectures. (Note that DVDs are available of all lectures, so those attending Breakout Sessions can still view lectures being held at the same time.) The following Breakout Sessions are scheduled: 



Alchemical Artwork


Dr. Michael Pearce will present an illustrated discussion of his alchemical artwork. His pieces, which are on display in the hall of the conference, are marked by the use of alchemical symbolism, male and female imageries, and celestial references. His paintings establish the Hermetic correspondences between life and death, Above and Below, the sun and the earth. Friday 5:00 PM Hall C.



Parachemistry Demonstrations


Dr. Kevin Dunn will present several live chemical demonstrations on Saturday at the conference. His “Transmutation” breakout session presentation is an impressive 15-minute routine in which Dr. Dunn portrays the alchemist Cagliostro and performs a startling illusion on stage. Between lectures, Dr. Dunn will be performing a 5-minute routine called “Acid Roulette” in which he risks drinking sulfuric acid, the primary agent of transformation of the alchemists. Saturday. Various times between lectures. Hall B. Breakout sessions: Friday 6:30 PM and 9:00 AM Sunday. Hall C.



Alchemical Epiphanies


The ancient art and science of storytelling transports epiphanies -- sudden intuitive perceptions or insights of meanings -- through spoken and written language. To the uninitiated, this may seem caprice; to the alchemist, this encircles reality with reality. Reality is nonlinear. At any moment we are inherently in the past, the present, the future. Dr. René Lawson's stories, like the continuous curve of a mobius strip, encapsulate while expanding an indissoluble whole, a timeless charisma. Her stories include her communication with physicist David Bohm in which they perused her postulate that composition is "becoming," i.e., from process to holomovement. The one-on-one dialogue she had with biologist Rupert Sheldrake inculcated the morphogenetic fields we manifest into, through, and beyond language. Dr. Lawson says that her stories are not the conclusion in the search for knowledge -- they are the doppelgangers of her mobius strip, the alchemical epiphany. Saturday 1:00 PM. Hall C.


Yogas to Turn Yourself Into Alchemical Gold

Practicing alchemist Art Kunkin will teach two methods of spiritual alchemy that further one's development as an alchemist and increases personal power. The first method has been described by Edouard Blitz, M..D, (Doctor in Kabbalah, Doctor in Hermetic Sciences, Member of the "Association Alchimique de France, President of the Grand Council of the Martinist Order, etc.) as "an infallible method for locating a Master and obtaining valuable (alchemical) information from that being." The second teaching is a simple but profound method of brain re-wiring that can be used by alchemists to increase concentration and manifest goals. Handouts summarizing both teachings will be available.  Saturday 11:30 AM. Hall C.



Alchemical Secrets of Music

Is music the key to the cosmos? What songs are played on a monochord? How does the number seven feel different from the number twelve? This interactive and informative workshop will deepen your knowledge of music and sound. It can be enjoyed by both musicians and non-musicians. Participatory exercises alternate with lecture/demonstrations to teach chakra toning , the music of the spheres, the Pythagorean legacy, and drumming the Four Elements. Learn how to connect to the cosmos through music. Presented by Phil Campbell and Annie Aronson. Sunday 10:00 AM. Hall C.



Alchemy Guild Meeting


Members of the International Alchemy Guild (IAG) are invited to attend this closed session on Guild business, including nomination of new officers, pending grants, expansion of local chapters, status of the Archives, and future planning. This is a Yellow Rose meeting directed by Dennis William Hauck. Sunday 8:00 AM. Hall C.




A special feature of this event is the opportunity to pose your questions directly to our panel of practicing alchemists. These are authorities in the fields of laboratory work, spagyrics, psychological and spiritual alchemy. The discussion moderator is Duane Saari. Participants include Robert Allen Bartlett, Art Kunkin, Andrew Minkin, Dr. Kevin Dunn, Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil, and Timothy Wilkerson. Sunday 4:00 PM. Hall B.


Alchemist/Magician Jeff McBride will be our guide for a very special and deeply moving ceremony to mark the culmination of the conference. Jeff will be performing his "Fellowship of the Circle" ceremony that evoked such powerful spiritual energies at last years conference. Friday 6:00 PM. Hall B.


Jeff McBride will be performing his alchemical magic show "Magic at the Edge" Sunday at 7:30 PM. As part of the special conference AfterParty, all attendees will receive discounts off the normal admission. during the conference and beyond in the Palace Station Sound Trax Showroom. On Friday night, at 10:00 PM, enter Jeff McBride's Wonderground for a magical club experience. More info at www.palacestation.com/entertainment/trax/. Read the reviews at Magic at the Edge. Tickets are available at 702-547-5300 or at the Palace Station Rewards Center. All ages welcome, but persons under 21 must be accompanied by an adult.


FRIDAY - October 10, 2008


 4:00 PM   Registration outside Hall A - Vendors and Bookstore Open
10:00 PM   Vendors and Bookstore Close


 4:00 PM   Registration outside Hall A
 6:00 PM Welcome! - Dennis William Hauck
 7:00 PM Lecture 1 - Isaac Newton and the Philosopher's Stone - Duane Saari
 8:30 PM Lecture 2 - The Elusive First Matter - Dennis William Hauck
10:00 PM Hall B Closes


 5:00 PM Breakout Session: Alchemical Artwork - Michael Pearce
 6:30 PM Breakout Session: Transmutation Presentation - Kevin Dunn
 7:00 PM Open for Personal Meetings and Consulations
 10:00 PM Hall C Closes

SATURDAY - October 11, 2008


8:00 AM   Registration outside Hall A - Vendors and Bookstore Open
10:00 AM  Booksignings after Lectures Throughout the Day
10:00 PM Vendors and Bookstore Close


8:00 AM   Registration outside Hall A
9:00 AM   Lecture 3 - The Metal Acetates Work - Robert Bartlett
10:30 AM Lecture 4 - Astrology Charts for Lab Work - Timothy Wilkerson
11:30 AM      Lunch Break to 1:00 PM (Vendors Open)
1:00 PM Lecture 5 - Alchemy Distillation Demonstration - Gary Stadler
2:30 PM Lecture 6 - Astrology and Alchemy - Andrew Minkin
4:00 PM Lecture 7 - Theurgy: The True Alchemical Art - Dr. Bruce Fisher
5:00 PM      Dinner Break to 7:00 PM (Vendors Open)
7:00 PM Lecture 8 - Alchemy and Elemental Medicine - John Greer
8:30 PM Lecture 9 - Alchemy of the Kabbalah - Gudni Gudnason
10:00 PM Hall B Closes


8:00 AM Open for Personal Meetings and Consultations
11:30 AM Breakout Session: Yogas to Turn Yourself Into Gold - Art Kunkin
1:00 PM Breakout Session: Alchemical Epiphanies - Rene Lawson
6:00 PM Workshop 1 - Spiritual Alchemy - Dennis William Hauck
8:00 PM Workshop 2 - Practical Alchemy - Robert Bartlett
10:00 PM Hall C Closes

SUNDAY - October 12, 2007


8:00 AM   Registration outside Hall A - Vendors and Bookstore Open
10:00 AM   Booksignings after Lectures Throughout the Day
3:00 PM Vendors and Bookstore Close


8:00 AM   Registration outside Hall A
9:00 AM   Lecture 10 - Indian Alchemy - Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil
10:30 AM Lecture 11 - Marriage of Mind and Matter - Dr. Thom Cavalli
11:30 AM    Lunch Break (Vendors Open)
1:00 PM Lecture 12 - Making the Philosopher's Stone - Art Kunkin
2:30 PM Lecture 13 - Activating the Life Force - JJ Semple
3:30 PM Alchemists Panel - Questions and Answers
5:30 PM Closing Ceremonies - Jeff McBride


8:00 AM  Alchemy Guild Meeting (members only)
9:00 AM

Breakout Session: Transmutation Presentation - Kevin Dunn

10:00 AM Breakout Session: Alchemical Secrets of Music - P. Campbell & A. Aronson
11:30 AM Workshop 1 - Spiritual Alchemy - Dennis William Hauck
1:30 PM Workshop 2 - Practical Alchemy - Robert Bartlett

(NOTE: The Alchemical Artwork used above is by Katlyn Breene.)