Other Alchemists and Leaders Attending

the 2009 International Alchemy Conference


BRUCE FISHER (Ph.D.) worked as a professional chemist and college professor for 40 years and is the author of over 20 books covering such diverse topics as spiritual alchemy, kabbalah, occult anatomy, St.-Germain, Pythagorean numerology, the Gurdjieff teachings and music as the expression of the soul. http://myweb.cableone.net/subru  

DR. René Lawson has an eclectic education and background. Her Ph.D. is in psycholinguistics, M.A. is linguistics, and B.Sc. in Education from Ohio State University. She lectures and writes on alchemcial therapy, language and brain-based learning, and the gifted.

JJ SEMPLE is the author of Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. His newest book, The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death, takes an expanded look at the subject of activating the Kundalini~Life Force in a safe, permanent, and repeatable fashion. www.LifeForceBooks.com.

DREW MINKIN is a software engineer and astrologer who created Archaeus Design Systems, a web experiment in applying 21st century tools to the traditions of alchemy and astrology. archaeusdesignsystems@yahoo.com

CHRIS EMMONS is the author of Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy, which is a primer of Ormus collection processes. www.ormusbook.com

JEFFREY EDWARDS is President of Alchemists International, a business consulting group focusing on the  transformation of companies and organizations. www.LeadIntoGold.com 904-276-0067

KATLYN BREENE has been creating sacred art , dance  and ritual for over 30 years and holds degrees in several different traditions. She and her husband Michael, known as “Zingaia”  create techno-tantra-trance music. Website: www.mermadearts.com

GREG SCHRUM of the Crucible Catalog offers alchemical products, including labware, books, CDs, DVDs, posters, tee-shirts, jewelry, tinctures, tonics, elixirs, and scores of other unique and hard-to-find items. www.Crucible.org 

MARIE ALLIZON owns 4DShift in Quebec and distributes many alchemical preparations including Mikael Zayat's therapeutic grade oils. www.4dshift.com/products/oils.htm

PAUL HARDACRE is the editor of the Alchemy Journal and owns Salamander and Sons publishing company. He is a published poet. www.paulhardacre.com and  www.salamanderandsons.com

MARISSA NEWELL is the chief designer for the Alchemy Journal and Salamander and Sons. She is also a published poet. www.marissanewell.com and www.papertigermedia.com.

PHIL CAMPBELL and ANNIE ARONSON have decades of musical and spiritual experience, including alchemy, astrology, drumming, magick, music, tai chi, tao, tarot, yoga. www.philcampbell.com

LEAH KRAMER, Doctor of Natural Health. Advance Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, and Sacred Dance Teacher, who provides her clients with a full spectrum of healing designed specially for each client to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health. www.Elruah.com 

LAURA PAULSON is a member of the  EarthSpirit Center for the Transformational Arts and works with spiritual alchemist Nanci Shandera.